About Us

20 Years of Learning, Leading & Finding Innovative Solutions

Every university is proud of their team. They signify a sense of unity, excitement, a winning spirit and a competitive nature. And it’s no different when it comes to University Partners. We have an amazing core team of experts who have worked closely together for more than 20 years. That’s 20 years of learning, leading and finding innovative solutions for acquisition, development and management of student housing communities. We are a team that is fiercely loyal – to each other, to our partners, to our investors and to the students and families that we ultimately serve.

University Partners is a vertically-integrated operating company that has forged strong relationships with its capital partners. The combination of our substantial balance sheet and strong track record uniquely positions University Partners to deploy a significant amount of capital in the student housing space while delivering outsized returns.

We take a thematic approach to market and asset selection by using market data and prior experience to develop investment themes. In addition to identifying markets that fit within the themes, we identify assets in these markets that we want to own and leverage industry relationships to create off-market deals.

We create unique angles and conviction to “lean-in”, while our operational capabilities allow us to see value where others don’t.

By conducting top-down data analysis across markets along with off-market and broker sourcing, we are able to screen based on themes and target markets. During the underwriting and first round bid process, we figure out the rent and expense build up, along with developing a business plan. In the Final Bid stage, confirmatory diligence, a thorough operations team review, and documentation take place before closing.

At University Partners, we manage for ourselves better than anyone else could, which is why we have chosen to manage for others. To us, it’s all about providing excellent customer service with a personal touch. By analyzing market trends and property performance, as well as specializing in lease-ups and development services, we are able to arrange quick transitions through every stage.

Our experienced management team, integrated operating capabilities, and ongoing training allow us to provide the very best for our partners, investors, and students.

Our Team Members